Having grown up in Maine on both a horse farm and later, on the coast, I witnessed first-hand the need for durable and multi-purpose carry-alls. On the farm, canvas or cotton bags were used for anything from carrying vegetables from the garden to hauling harnesses and tackle from the barn; on the coast, it was fishing gear one day, clean dry clothes and camping gear the next. The bag had to be versatile and built to last. If it tore or ripped, it was a quick fix and back to work. Getting a few smudges and stains just added to it's character.

Horse & Anchor seeks to capture that spirit.

   I seek out vintage fabrics and hardware on my travels from Maine to California and abroad to create simple, durable and slightly raw totes and carry-alls for all of your carrying needs.

 Some new materials are used in the bag construction, such as thread, selvedge denim and brass hardware. They are sourced locally and abroad.

The vintage materials are hand picked and in limited quantities. When that particular piece of canvas or leather is gone, that's it! At my shop in Glendale California, I wash and, if need be, repair the material before constructing the bag, leaving any printing, interesting marks and fixes that the fabric may have collected over the years. This is why some bags may be of similar styles but the little details ensure that every one is different.

Our vintage materials and hardware are found at swap meets, flea markets, estate sales, barn and yard sales. I use as much recycled or upcycled materials as possible and they are given new life to make my bags.

    I go about building a bag much in the same way some sculptors work - "this piece looks good there, that one here" Each bag is different and has it's own personality. I like to see fingerprints on pottery and brush strokes on a painting. And these bags reflect that. You will not get perfect stitch lines or directly centered pockets. You will get a bag that one person made from beginning to end, and I am proud of that. I want to create bags that will be around for a long time and look like they could have been made 40 years ago or yesterday. You are guaranteed to get a good looking and functional piece of utilitarian hardware that you can take anywhere.

Email me at www.horseandanchor@gmail.com

Lawrence Corradini, Founder, Horse and Anchor